Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Temporary Hiatus

Hey everyone!

So just the other day I got this amazing job at Servus Credit Union to be their 2010 Young and Free Alberta Spokesperson! I am BEYOND excited. It is such an amazing opportunity for me and I'll get to blog everyday for the job! Yay! But anyways, I just wanted to come on and tell all of my Beauty of Commitment followers that I will be on a temporary hiatus from this blog. =( wahhhh. Just with all the finals that I am writing right now and starting up with this new job and all, I am going to be VERY VERY busy! But I promise I will not forget about you.
Oh and if in the mean time you want to see what I'm doing with the Young and Free program...just Click Here!

TWO WEEKS and I will be back! 


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shopping Spree!

Okay, so I don't know if I told you guys but I gave up shopping for Lent. Well, not so much for Lent, more just because I didn't have the funds. I knew that all the winter things were going on sale and that no matter how much I wanted them, I would want spring clothes more. So I saved my money from the beginning of March until April 14th so that I could go on a little shopping spree! Wooo! And it was SO much fun! It was totally worth not buying anything for a month and a half! I strongly recommend trying this out! ANYWAYS. Now I want to show you all the stuff that I got! I got so many deals and I even went under budget! Yet I am still totally satisfied! Yay! Check it out --

I picked up both of these sandals at Aldo. I know that I will wear both of them all the time so I think they were good purchases!

Urban Outfitters! AND I got it for 50% off! I bought one similar for one of my bests at Christmas. You can't really tell from the picture but there is a metallic gold pattern on it too which I love!

You can't really tell from the picture...but the shoulders are ruched. (ya that is how you spell it lol) I always thought that this type of shirt would make me look huge but it actually flatters my shape really well! I plan on wearing it with a statement necklace or something like the necklace below.

Jacket & necklace from H&M. Once I saw the jacket I knew I had to have it! Haha.

Ten dollar print tank from Old Navy and ring from Aldo!

I always tend to have trouble with shorts but these fit me so well! They are an army green color and I might even go back for the gray pair! They are from ForeverXXI.

$2.50 tanks from Forever XXI. Yes please!

Floral dress from ForeverXXI.

Print scarf and silver and gold ring from Colour Blind on Whyte Ave. LOVE

Citizens of Humanity capris and floral tank from Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte Ave.They have such cute pieces there! If you are in Edmonton, I strongly recommend going there! =)

Oh! And I can't forget about the nail polish! Or as American Apparel likes to call it...'Nail Lacquer'. I posted about these a while back and I have wanted them ever since! I have been wearing the pink one for days and they have barely chipped! I got the light purple one from Icing.

Thoughts? Did I do a good job? Hahaa.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Song of the Week - New Hanson Video!

Sooo I have always been a fan of the oldies from Hanson. I mean, who doesnt love MMBOP. I haven't been a fan of their later music, but I really like this song! And the video is cute and funny as well! If you need a pick me up, this should make you smile =)

HOT boots...

Ahhh, I absolutely LOVE these Alexander Wang boots. They are like booties and boots in one. Haha. Do you like them?
I could have that bag as well =) I love the colour.
Anyone want to buy me these for my half birthday? ;)

I have a feeling these won't catch on...

Sooo....yep...they are what they look like...a gluteal cleft cover, aka butt crack cover ups. Hmmmm.

To whom this may concern,
I am the designer of a product called the Backtacular gluteal cleft shield. It’s a hypoallergenic adhesive patch that is applied directly to the skin above the gluteal cleft area of the buttocks. The patch is made of denim with a rhine stone and/or rhine stud design. The product stops gluteal cleft exposure when wearing low rise apparel. The picture of Jennifer Garner below is courtesy of the TMZ ” Crack Is Wack” section of the TMZ website. The Backtacular Gluteal cleft patch is patent and trademark pending.
I would appreciate your consideration in taking my company on as a client.
Thank You,
Kimberly Brewer

Hahah the rhinestone part cracks me up. (no pun intended) Yep, rhinestones make them better...
Are you going to be the first one to sport one of these? I think I'll pass...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Britney Before & After - Candie's Ads

"According to the Mirror, Britney Spears didn't want her Candie's ads to be retouched, which is quite the trendy thing to do these days. She apparently agreed to have the unretouched images released alongside the retouched images, which will presumably serve as the new campaign. As you can see they made her considerably thinner, smoothed her skin, toyed with the shadows, and eliminated any awkward, um, bathing-suit bunching in the crotch area." -Amy Odell (The Cut)

What do you think of these? It is pretty amazing isn't it? Because I am for sure one of those girls who sees those after pictures and thinks...wow Britney has such a good body, why dont I look like that...AND IT ISN'T EVEN REAL! Her legs are longer, cellulite gone, butt is smaller, awkward bathing suit bunching is gone...ahhhhh it is amazing what they do.
Honestly, she has an amazing body already! I applaud her for agreeing to publish these pictures. Not many celebrities would do something like this.
Do you like this ad? Or do you think it is completely pointless? I mean...you can't even see the shoes. Ha!


Numéro #112 Editorial with Karlie Kloss


V Magazine: Masha Novoselova

Gorgeous editorial in V Mag with model Masha Novoselova. She did an AMAZING job. This 'Go Wild' themed shoot was shot by Txema Yeste. Novoselova wears pieces from John Galliano, Rick Owens and of course, Alexander McQueen. I LOVE these.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

6126 by Lindsay Lohan Fall 2010 Collection

What do you think of these? She has expanded from just leggings. ha!

"This fall, Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 line expands beyond its signature leggings into a full collection. The 280 pieces, which retail from $60 to $1000, include edgy minidresses and a draped, gold leather vest, as well as fall staples like chunky cardigans and embellished hoodies. The new collection’s inspiration? “The iconic Marilyn Monroe and the timeless, confident glamour she represents,” reads the lookbook’s introduction. Inside, Lohan models several looks with the help of younger sis Ali." -Enid Portuguez (InStyle)

I actually kind of like some of these pieces? Hmmmm...

[InStyle]& [Nitrolicious]

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Young Artists For Haiti - Wavin' Flag

So have you heard this song on the radio and wondered who sings each part? Well, I have the answer for you! Did you know that they are all Canadian singers?! It makes me so proud!

Nelly Furtado, Sam Roberts, Avril Lavigne, Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, 
Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman, Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, 
Lights, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, Serena Ryder, Jacob Hoggard of Hedley, 
Emily Haines, Hawksley Workman, Drake, Chin Injeti, Ima, Pierre Lapointe,
Elisapie Isaac, Esthero, Corb Lund, Fefe Dobson, Nikki Yanofsky, Matt Mays, 
Justin Nozuka and Justin Bieber

You might like CocaCola too much when...

"Karl Lagerfeld, who reportedly lost 90 pounds in 2001 by consuming only Diet Coke and steamed vegetables and has been known to employ Diet Coke butlers, is now popping up on a series of limited-edition bottles of his favorite zero-calorie treat." -Coutorure

This is a limited edition CocaCola 'Light' collectable. It comes in a cute package with a matching bottle opener and a Karl Lagerfeld silhouette on the side the bottles. Definitely a collector's item. 
Here is the ad:


Rock & Bankruptcy

According to Vogue UK, the brand ROCK & REPUBLIC has filed for bankruptcy. The brand is now going to go through and major restructuring plan in attempt to regain strength. Have you stopped buying ROCK & REPUBLIC like I have? Maybe they should lower their prices. OR they should raise the quality of the jeans so they don't rip in the first 3 weeks of owning them. I think it will be hard for them to come back...but we shall see!