Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Want a boyfriend? Wear these shoes...

Hahha...i really hope these aren't a hit. But they are kiiiinda cute?

My British Music Fix

Songs of the week: (plural because i've been slacking)

Well if Tim Gunn Said So...

Can you wear brown and black together????

WELL...Tim Gunn says its possible! I have always been against it, but sometimes I feel like I have to! He is the one man who's opinion I would trust no matter what! Him and maybe Marc Jacobs too. haha. Here's what Mr. Gunn had to say:
"I find that few looks are quite as chic as brown and black together.
 However, it's very important that it be the correct brown, because
not any brown will do. I find that a deep-chocolate brown is the
most successful choice to wear with black. This is especially true
with accessories: deep-chocolate only! Otherwise your look will become
entirely too casual to support the chic. A word to the wise: The only
time that I have seen brown footwear work with black was in the
case of a knee-high, chocolate suede boot and black tights. Stunning!"



Who is this?

Can you tell who it is?!
If you want to know who it is, highlight the following with your mouse --> Taylor Swift!

I totally could not tell it was her. How do you like this hairdo??? This is her in the upcoming article in Elle Magazine.

Oscars Afterparty Fave

i LOVED Hilary Swank's navy blue dress that she wore when she won her academy award a few years ago and i LOVE this one too. hot hot
She wore this to the Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty. i love the back. Anyone who knows me would probably know that i would totallyyyy wear this. haha! but you would definitely have to be really securely strapped into that one!