Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Britney Before & After - Candie's Ads

"According to the Mirror, Britney Spears didn't want her Candie's ads to be retouched, which is quite the trendy thing to do these days. She apparently agreed to have the unretouched images released alongside the retouched images, which will presumably serve as the new campaign. As you can see they made her considerably thinner, smoothed her skin, toyed with the shadows, and eliminated any awkward, um, bathing-suit bunching in the crotch area." -Amy Odell (The Cut)

What do you think of these? It is pretty amazing isn't it? Because I am for sure one of those girls who sees those after pictures and thinks...wow Britney has such a good body, why dont I look like that...AND IT ISN'T EVEN REAL! Her legs are longer, cellulite gone, butt is smaller, awkward bathing suit bunching is gone...ahhhhh it is amazing what they do.
Honestly, she has an amazing body already! I applaud her for agreeing to publish these pictures. Not many celebrities would do something like this.
Do you like this ad? Or do you think it is completely pointless? I mean...you can't even see the shoes. Ha!


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