Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys 2010

My faves and the ones worth mentioning...

ps. can anyone else TOTALLY see Lady Gaga's wig in this picture? not such a good job hiding that one...

no no no no no no

All I can say is NO.
Singer/songwriter Shaila Durcal @ the Grammys.
Quite possibly on of the worst I have ever seen.
I'm sure you can agree. LOL



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chanel: Spring 2010

Inspiration - "Neon Baroque"

"It's the first time in my whole career 
I've done a collection without black or navy.
There's not one gold button," said Lagerfeld.
"I saw it in a dream and I made the sketches 
. . . at five o'clock in the morning."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring come sooner

I want spring to come...
Not because I want it to be warmer...
Not because I want school to be done...
Not because I want to be back home...
I just want spring to come

so I can kiss in the rain and not the snow <3

The song that makes me melt

For some reason this song gets to me. 
It is just so pretty. You would probably remember it from the 'Time Traveler's Wife' movie trailer.
I feel like crying every time I hear it. And if I could actually relate to the song I would just ball every time I heard it. 
But I can't figure out whether its about breaking up or dying? What do you think?

Friday, January 22, 2010

African Proverb

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together..."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spotlight: MINKPINK

The Australian-based fashion team behind Mink Pink keeps their clothing real and wearable, looking to street style, high-end designers, current trends, and vintage pieces for influence. Each piece in the Mink Pink collection, from their bodysuits to patterned cardigans, is designed with the everyday fashionista in mind. Garments are made to work with your existing wardrobe, tastefully electrifying your individual style.


Top Left: MINKPINK "Come Un-Done" Dress in Off White/Black
Top Right: MINKPINK "Fading Away" Tee Dress in Multi
Bottom Left: MINKPINK "Kansas" Dress in Black
Bottom Right: MINKPINK "Wet Paint Dress" in Black
Bottom Left & Bottom Right --> paired with: Jeffrey Campbell Fifty Six Heels in Black

Grayce by Molly Sims Jewelry Spring '10

CLICK HERE to see some cute jewelry for spring! =)
i want alllllll of it!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

love can be shown in the simplest ways

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."
--Martin Luther King Jr.

Song of the Week: The Maine - Into Your Arms

So these guys are kinda dorky looking and all, but the lead singer is kinda hot and I'm really starting to love this song. Usually I don't like these kind of boy band kids but I don't mind these guys. Yet. The song is kinda catchy though.

GG 2010 Best Dressed

My Faves of the 2010 Golden Globes:

Emily Blunt looked amazing.
Not to mention the hottie beside her helped. haaaa
Sandra Bullocks really made you look twice. I think it also looked better on TV than in pictures, but I love the subtle yet sexy leg showing. 
Dianna Agron. Wow. Just everything, hair, makeup, dress. Wow.
I just love Fergies dress for some reason. I think the color looks so good on her. & it is simple but really elegant. Lots of people would probably disagree with me but I really like it.
Ginnifer Goodwin really stood out to me with that royal blue dress. LOVE.
Oh and don't forget Kate Hudson in her gorgeous white dress. I would have chosen different shoes for her becuase I think the pumps are a bit much. I would have done a strappy pair of silver heels, but that's just me.
And I didn't put up a picture butttttt I have to mention Drew Barrymores too because it was gorgeous. It fit her beautifully.

Who was your favorite?

[Images via: FabSugar]

Friday, January 15, 2010

cha cha chanel

i love this girls photography. sometimes you can forget to appreciate the simpleness of the little things


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Song of the Week: Imma Bee - Black Eyed Peas

Imma be up in the club

Doin whatever I like
Imma be poppin that bubbly
Cool and livin that good life
Oh let’s make this last forever
party then we'll chill together

I sooo just wanna go out and dance to this song! Or better yet...go on a pubcrawl this weekend and dance to it?! WOOO! Sounds like a plan. I love this song. Like my roomie (shalut) says its probs a song you have to hear a few times to start liking it. The best part of the song starts around 2:35 and yep, thats my favorite part =) Hope you likeeeee

We can’t help that we popular

just think about how you feel if this happened to you...donate

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross Earthquake Relief in Haiti

NVM ... turns out these only work for people who live in the states -- let me know if you find something like it that works in Canada! They could really use our help.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Designer Spotlight: MCQ by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's high-energy fashion shows and romantic collections are known for their elements of contrast. Using a combination of bespoke British tailoring, workmanship of French haute couture, and fine Italian manufacturing, McQueen has achieved a signature look that juxtaposes elements of fluidity and structure. In 2006, he launched McQ, a ready-to-wear line offering clothing and accessories for men and women. - MCQ

Top Left: MCQ by Alexander McQueen Sweater Dress in Grey Jacquard & MCQ by Alexander McQueen Rope Cumberband Belt in Black

Top Right: MCQ by Alexander McQueen Crop Hi-Waist Pleat Pant in Black
Bottom Left: MCQ by Alexander McQueen Jacket in Black
Bottom Right: MCQ by Alexander McQueen Super Skinny Fit Jeans in Black

I love these pieces. Classic A.McQueen but way toned down. So hot. That belt is to die for and I want that blazer so bad. Who wants to buy for me????? =) Do you like this line?

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm in Love with dexter!

Dexter is suuuuuch a good show. I'm in love. I love it because you can't just tune into any episode and know what is going on. It really is just like a 12 episode long movie. So many twists and turns and you never know what is going to happen. I highly recommend it!

I am on season 3 episode 6. It seems to always be on the sixth episode of every season that you get hooked and need to watch all at once. If you want a really really good website to watch it on go to this website. It is high def, yu only have to wait like 45seconds for it to load and there is no limit to how much you can watch! Doooo it! & then let me know what you think of the show!! =) I promise you will be hooked too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have Youuuuuu Been Rollerskating Before????

I was better than I thought I would be. But I still kinda sucked. I didn't fall though!
I would probably recommend going with a huge group of people...because a bunch of little kids speeding by you and then laughing is not so fun. Love you girls <3  

Good Or Bad?

Sooo I've been hearing a lot about this Dear John movie & after watching the trailer I can't tell whether I will like it or not. It could either be reeeaaally good. Or horrible.
What do you think?

And really? They gave him a comb-over? Whatever... Channing Tatum is sexy.
Im predicting this movie will be total cheese but I'll probably still go see it. lol

I had a good week with these girls =)



These hot shoes are by YSL. Anyone wanna buy them for me? ;)

Love This Song

Byyyy the way....i always think he says 'all the right boobs in all the right places' but dont worry its moves i believe. Haaaa.
Im in love with this song right now.
And the video is hot too. The dresses in it are gorgeous and the choreography goes well with the song. LOVE

Show People Who You Are Through The Clothes You Wear


"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

Designer Spotlight: Black Halo

This line has some really cute dresses. A little more sophisticated than your typical going out dress but still sexy at the same time. I love these. I wish I didn't live somewhere where I can only wear stuff like this for 3 months of the year!
"Black Halo's classic designs with flattering lines accentuate all the best features of the classiest lady." - Black Halo

Friday, January 08, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Christmas Time Indulgences

christmas time was full of indulgence for me. & none of these are gifts. HA.

Floral skirt, floral dress & purple shirt --> Luv It Boutique- Victoria, BC
William Rast Jeans --> Addicted Boutique- Victoria, BC
Tan Belt & Black Dress --> Aritzia
Studded Shrug --> Pusch
Black Vest --> H&M

One thing Calgary is definitely missing is a boutiquey area. Ya ya ya, we have 17th ave but considering Calgary is such a fashionable and chic city, we should have a better area. Downtown Victoria is amazing. I was down there for a little during Christmas holidays and so many places to shop! They have this area downtown that has everything! I was so impressed. Yes, I love shopping. Anywhere. But shopping in the mall gets old after a while. Especially since every girl is wearing the same thing nowadays.

I got those William Rasts for $100. I was so pumped. So if we could have more boutiques with deals like that I would be a very very happy shopper ;)

Tip: Calgary City Planners -- Invest in a shopping area downtown!