Friday, April 16, 2010

Song of the Week - New Hanson Video!

Sooo I have always been a fan of the oldies from Hanson. I mean, who doesnt love MMBOP. I haven't been a fan of their later music, but I really like this song! And the video is cute and funny as well! If you need a pick me up, this should make you smile =)

HOT boots...

Ahhh, I absolutely LOVE these Alexander Wang boots. They are like booties and boots in one. Haha. Do you like them?
I could have that bag as well =) I love the colour.
Anyone want to buy me these for my half birthday? ;)

I have a feeling these won't catch on...

Sooo....yep...they are what they look like...a gluteal cleft cover, aka butt crack cover ups. Hmmmm.

To whom this may concern,
I am the designer of a product called the Backtacular gluteal cleft shield. It’s a hypoallergenic adhesive patch that is applied directly to the skin above the gluteal cleft area of the buttocks. The patch is made of denim with a rhine stone and/or rhine stud design. The product stops gluteal cleft exposure when wearing low rise apparel. The picture of Jennifer Garner below is courtesy of the TMZ ” Crack Is Wack” section of the TMZ website. The Backtacular Gluteal cleft patch is patent and trademark pending.
I would appreciate your consideration in taking my company on as a client.
Thank You,
Kimberly Brewer

Hahah the rhinestone part cracks me up. (no pun intended) Yep, rhinestones make them better...
Are you going to be the first one to sport one of these? I think I'll pass...