Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Best Way To Wrap Up The Olympics...With Amazing Photography

These are probably the most amazing pictures I have seen in a while. They bring out so many emotions in me and I hope you'll feel it too.

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Why So Blue H&M???

The "Blues" Campaign for H&M Spring 10'

Urban Outfitters Spring 10'

Soooo have I told you yet that I gave up shopping for Lent? Yep! That's right. I've officially gone crazy. No clothes, no accessories, no shoes. GAH! I'm not really doing it for Lent as much as I'm just really broke and I'm planning a shopping spree for April when I'm done classes.
Therefore, as you can imagine...looking at these just kills me but it also makes me excited for spring shopping!! Spring is defs my fave shopping season.


Sooo remember how I posted the Ok Go video a while ago? Well, the same group just came out with this video for their song This Too Shall Pass. And WOW...this probably only too a million years to make? I'm very impressed slash could watch it over and over again. I wish I had the time/money/patience to do something like this.