Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Rachel Zoe


Hey! She stole my outfit!

Okay, I lied. Ke$ha got this horrible outfit idea herself.
This is what she wore to a radio station the other day.
Hmmm...not something I would wear, but hey, I guess if you are a celebrity you can wear anything! Haaa!


Song of the Week: Lil Wayne VS. The Office Theme Song - Office Musik

So my friend showed me this song a while ago and I loved it. If you like Lil Wayne and the TV show The Office...then you should like this...
Have a listen!

Remember these guys?

Now there are few 90's boy bands that I don't remember...but this group I totally forgot about! Sooo funny! Anyone who grew up around the same time as me should remember these two songs. I wonder when the whole boy band thing is going to be popular again. Will our kids be listening to something like this when they grow up?