Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Christmas Time Indulgences

christmas time was full of indulgence for me. & none of these are gifts. HA.

Floral skirt, floral dress & purple shirt --> Luv It Boutique- Victoria, BC
William Rast Jeans --> Addicted Boutique- Victoria, BC
Tan Belt & Black Dress --> Aritzia
Studded Shrug --> Pusch
Black Vest --> H&M

One thing Calgary is definitely missing is a boutiquey area. Ya ya ya, we have 17th ave but considering Calgary is such a fashionable and chic city, we should have a better area. Downtown Victoria is amazing. I was down there for a little during Christmas holidays and so many places to shop! They have this area downtown that has everything! I was so impressed. Yes, I love shopping. Anywhere. But shopping in the mall gets old after a while. Especially since every girl is wearing the same thing nowadays.

I got those William Rasts for $100. I was so pumped. So if we could have more boutiques with deals like that I would be a very very happy shopper ;)

Tip: Calgary City Planners -- Invest in a shopping area downtown!

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