Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Well if Tim Gunn Said So...

Can you wear brown and black together????

WELL...Tim Gunn says its possible! I have always been against it, but sometimes I feel like I have to! He is the one man who's opinion I would trust no matter what! Him and maybe Marc Jacobs too. haha. Here's what Mr. Gunn had to say:
"I find that few looks are quite as chic as brown and black together.
 However, it's very important that it be the correct brown, because
not any brown will do. I find that a deep-chocolate brown is the
most successful choice to wear with black. This is especially true
with accessories: deep-chocolate only! Otherwise your look will become
entirely too casual to support the chic. A word to the wise: The only
time that I have seen brown footwear work with black was in the
case of a knee-high, chocolate suede boot and black tights. Stunning!"




  1. I think it is possible, and in fact sometimes very fashionable to combine black and brown. I've found its chic in parts of Europe to wear more brown and black together than it is here in America. I have seen deep brown and even taupe jackets paired with black leggings which really work well together, or brown sweater dresses with black accessories. He is absolutely correct in that brown footwear can't often be mixed successfully with black - it has about a 99% chance of failure, except in the case mentioned above.


  2. I totally agree with you Megan! Thanks for the comment!
    PS. i love your blog =)